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 Rules of the Forum

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Rules of the Forum Vide
MensagemAssunto: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyDom Nov 29, 2009 6:12 pm


What makes Ds-Links Different? Well. Members here are very creative. Why make fuss about difficult codes, if you can design your page easier just like doing your own webpage? .. Here's where Ds-links comes in .. we tend to hide some boxes on your Hi5 profile and we let the members design their pages through the html capable areas of their profile. As simple as that .. :]]

Anyways , We do have a set of rules to follow .. please review first :

* 0. English and Portuguese are the main Language Used here .. Please avoid speaking tagalog in any of the categories.
* 1. Use your common sense.
* 2. No spamming , Avoid being offtopic.
* 3. Avoid using any foul and offensive words, ALL CAPS, sTiCkY cApS when posting.
* 4. No flamming in any form.
* 5. No nudity and offensive content in any post including signatures and avatars.
* 6. No other forum/site promotion posts.
* 7. The usage of multiple accounts is not allowed.
* 8. Multiple threads and posts with no purpose or clear direction are not allowed and will be considered as spam.
* 9. Use descriptive title/subject for a new thread and post it on the right forum/category. Do some search before posting a new thread, to avoid thread duplication.
* 10. Signatures. Don't use more than one banner. Don't make it excessive and annoying. Maximum image height for signature is 200 px. No audio or video allowed. We have the right to edit or remove objectionable signature.

Above all :


Pls report to the Moderators those who are not abiding the rules .
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Rules of the Forum

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